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yeah the world kinda sucks but at least we have marvel movies

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→ I want this so bad

Let’s do some math shall we!

So, in Uni you’re expected to take 15 hrs worth of classes a week (art majors actually take more, but we’ll ignore that for now). And then, for every hour of class, you’re supposed to “study 2 hours out of class”, a direct quote. So, let’s add that up.

15 + (15x2) = 45 hours.

You’re also supposed to sleep at least 8 hours a day. 

So, 8 x 7 = 56

So far we have 101 hours dedicated to sleeping and school. 

Now, while you’re attending a hard uni, you’re also expected to have at least a part time job, and that means at least 20 hours a week. 

We’re up to 121 hours for school work, sleep, and work. 

Now I haven’t factored in anything such as eating. Let’s take a half hour for breakfast, and an hour for both lunch and dinner, assuming you probably have to cook. 

Thats 2.5 x 7 = 17.5 hours. 

You’re also expected to stay in shape, and exercise a few times a week. Let’s say you work out 4 times a week for 1 hour. 

That’s 142.5 hours. 

Now, I commute about an hour total to and from campus. I also have to park at the edge of campus, then walk to all my classes scattered across all 700 acres my campus takes up. I also have to drive to work, on the other side of town. 

So let’s say 5 hours a week driving to shcool, and 30min a day to walk everywhere, and 25min 4 times a week driving to work, assuming you work part time. 5 + (.5x5) + (about) 1.5  = 9 hrs

Now we’ve totaled 151.5 hours a week. Now what about showering, grooming, getting dressed ex? I’d say everyone takes at least 30min per day taking care of themselves/outer appearance (I hope). So, .5 x 7 = 3.5 

So 155 hours a week for school, work, sleeping, showering, eating, exercising, and getting places. The bare bare basics. That leaves the average college student 13 hours a week, a little less than 2 hours a day, for things such as clubs (also deemed necessary to most), family, alone time, friends, social events, taking care of others (babysitting, pets, ex.),  taking care of themselves (such as doctors app.), shopping for groceries and necessities, getting gas, possibly going to church,  and basically everything else a human person has to do to survive in this world.  

Literally what the hell. 

Hey but for the people i know in real life, how do others describe me?? like to people who don’t know me??? 

Now my jaw is shaking???

I can’t eat because of the awful pain in my jaw LORD WHY

So my jaw has been hurting for a few days and today it has gotten worse to the point where I just tried to eat a brownie and had to spit it out because I couldn’t chew it??? I am concerned. 

When family members of friends edit/crop/add text to senior photos i’ve taken and re-post them to social media it really gets me. Like, its one thing to edit a graduation card  with some pictures and text and stuff and send that to family/friends. It’s another to take my work from online and re-post it with your crappy edit with 0 credit to me.  And like, it’s not my friends fault. Family members are crazy. But when I sold the photos I sold them to ONE PERSON. Not the whole family. Don’t people get that???

I’m gonna ramble for a sec

So i HATE transitioning periods. 

Like when you’re a freshman, or the new kid, or going to a new club, or finding new friends. These are all exciting things. But i hate that whole “Trying to get to know people” and “i don’t really know what the eff i’m doing” phase. I HATE that i don’t know where anything is on campus. I hate that i sometimes get stuck with random people who were cool at first glance but are actually super annoying and won’t leave you alone. I hate not knowing where i’ll fit in, who i’m gonna be friend with, where i’m gonna hang out, who my favorite teachers are. I just want the whole awkward stage to be over with. For some people it’s the best part, and they love that sort of stuff. But i like to find my comfort and stick with it. I hate wandering around the campus alone, trying to figure out where i parked my car. I hate being uncomfortable and not having anyone to talk to and knowing that most people feel the same way, does make me feel a bit better but still. I can’t wait until 2 months from now when i’ve found a group of friends or my favorite spot in the visual arts hall or that teacher that i can talk to about anything. bleh.

So my family is really weird in the fact the we like, exclusively wear the colors blue, white and black. Like my dad only wears blue plaid shirts and jeans, my mom wears a lot of white pants and black shirts and I only wear black or blue, or blue and white stripes. And my brother fits mostly in this too, but he wears a lot of purple as well.

idk guys. 

Omg you guys it’s raining really hard (and I LOVE IT esp. in summertime) but for uni i have to hang out in some park today LOL that’s gonna be fun