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Pretty much me.

How do you guys organize your art supplies? I’ve got one of those glass drafting tables, but I can’t actually use the majority of it because all of my crap is on it. I’ve thought of putting some shelves or something under the table, but that would be troublesome to get to?

Lightroom FINALLY 


Polaris, Acacia Johnson

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Travel Alberta & Stay + Wander: July - chrisamat.com

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About to go to my 11 hour overnight shift pray for me 

My Nikon 24mm f/2.8D!!!!! It’s amazing and I  cant wait to shoot with it. I still adore my 50mm f/1.8, but it was time for a new addition to the family. Yeah, I kinda love prime lenses. 

YIPPIE. I also finally ///finally//// got lightroom! I want to mess arounf with my new lens and install the software, but I’ve got an 11 hour overnight shift starting in a few hours so I gotta take a nap. Blerggg.

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Gaara using sand to raise Naruto’s hand to his own *sobs*

I actually can’t wait to move I think it will be really good to start fresh eps. with starting college and everything 

"Hey! I haven’t seen you or attempted to talk to you in about a year, but could you help me out and take my head shots??"

Like ok. This is the second time in like 2 weeks this has happened to me. And It makes me really sad because I genuinely like these people, and they just see me as free pictures.  

idk i just

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I pray that I have my own bathroom in the new house. I shared a bathroom with my brother for 9 years, and i never wanna go through that again. Esp. now that he’s a teenager. 

I really love West Elm’s style but holy cow the prices. I’ve been searching for a cheaper place with a similar aesthetic, but can’t seem to find one. Any of you know of a place?

So apparently I am moving soon so I’m just kinda rambling under the cut 

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So my work is being really weird

Like I usually work one 11 hour overnight shift, then 1-2 random weekdays to get my 20 hours in (usually only like 18 hours)

But this week they split up all my hours and I’m working like 4 hours mon-fri-sat and then my 11hr night shift tuesday night? Like? What? What’s the point in only going in for 4 hours?? I don’t get it.