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Really awful feeling: seeing all your friends get together and know they didn’t want you there 


Ebenalp, Switzerland | Abinayan Parthiban

I think I’m going to go with this bag. It’s got everything I want except a separate laptop compartment, but from all the pictures I’ve seen, it looks like a can use the “ipad” slip for padding on one side, and then I’ll just have to put something else for padding on the other side, and worst come to worst I can just unclip the straps form my current laptop bag ans slip it in there, no biggie. Plus, it’s only 85$! That’s not exactly cheap but it beats the 350$ the ONA bag costs. 

Went to Caddo State park! It was so nice to see some life and well, green things! 

I’m just making a pro-con list for myself so everything is in one place

F-stop gear bag

Pros: Camera stuff on the bottom, nice look, lots of padding,inconspicuous

Cons: No tripod holder, no laptop compartment, no extra pockets at all

Tamrac bag

Pros: Laptop compartment, camera on bottom, lots of extra pockets 

Cons: Really bland in style, no tripod holder, looks like a camera bag

Tropfen bag

Pros: Camera on bottom, nice look, tripod holder

Cons: No laptop compartment, not a lot of extra room for lenses, 2nd body, ex. 

Currently on a hunt for a camera backpack that fits this description:

-Camera storage either part of main compartment/on the bottom, anywhere other than the top. Having your camera on the top makes the bag top heavy and weird to carry,in my experience.

- Laptop space/compartment

- relatively ‘stylish’, pretty much just meaning I don’t want it all black nylon

-Preferably a water resistant materiel

And it’s not a deal breaker, but a strap or something to hold a tripod.

I found this bag and it seems to have everything but a specific place for a laptop, and that’s not a big deal, except idk if my lap top will fit.

 Anyways I got to go to sleep because my shift starts at 6am tomorrow ugh save me 

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I feel like all these people from college orientation that followed me on social media sites are now like “i did not sign up for this shit what the hell is this girl posting about” 

Also, I got a HUGEEEEE glass bottle for a terrrarium! It goes to above my knee and is like a foot and a half in diameter? I also still gave two jars I need to fill so I’ll probs go out in the next week to get some plants 


Question: I need a camera backpack that isn’t ugly and also has room for a laptop, preferably a separate sleeve compartment thing for it, but it’s not a deal breaker. I’ve had my eye on this ONA backpack, but holy cow the price! That’s just way too much for a single bag I can’t justify it. So yeah, fellow photographers, and recommendations?

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The Google trend for the search query “quadratic formula”.
It repeats in the same pattern every year. Down in summer, up in September, down again in December and up again in spring time before going down again in the summer. And so it goes on forever.

Can I just say, I’m soooo grateful I’m commuting to college. I had to stay in the dorms for orientations and wowie. You cant even lock the bathroom door from the inside, and the shower was literally 2ftx2ft i don’t even know how I fit in there and while the rooms are ok, there’s like zero storage space. I mean, it’s not hell. But it’s pretty close. Plus my roomie wouldn’t stop talking.  

Where would I take studio pictures?? There’s only just enough space to breath. I wouldn’t even have the room to store all my equipment. Idk. I think I would be ok living in a cramped space if it was mine, and mine only. But having to share that with another college student? No thanks. 

Milford Sound by (Tim Jordan Photography)

Biggest tumblr pet peeve: When people re-blog the same friggin post several time in the course of a few hours like omg I’ve ALREADY SEEN YOUR SELFIE 5 time please end this madness